A different light!

So I’ve been single for almost three weeks I think and at first, as you have read, it was really hard. I was sad and felt alone. Recently, things have been changing. I feel like myself again. Something has definitely shifted.

I have had my little slip ups with calling my ex when I knew I shouldn’t have. I had him over a few times, but lately I have enjoyed being alone. I clean my house and watch the shows I want on tv. I have even been reading again! I feel good!

The past few days, my ex has still been begging to come over. I keep telling him no but he is persistent. I know this is really hard for him and he is really hurting. I don’t want to completely quit texting him because I know it will kill him. Just listening to myself as I type this, I know how pathetic it sounds. I should be worrying about myself and not him, but that’s just who I am. I’m too nice and I care too much about others. I’m struggling with it. I don’t want him around because I’m happy and I’m finally doing well, but then again it’s so hard to completely quit talking. I’m lost right now when it comes to how to handle this!!! Ugh…