Starting over

I started this blog for a class a long time ago. I recently graduated with my Bachelor of Graphic Communication. I’m still on the job hunt as far as that goes. I also recently had a bad breakup. I have decided to start blogging again to give me a place to get my feelings out.

The past few days since the break up, I have been laying around in bed just sleeping. However, I’m ready to get up and about. I am going to focus on myself and remain single until I know that I have found myself and become okay with being alone.

Being alone has always been a struggle for me. I suffer with self esteem issues and I have for a long time. I have had Bulimia for 6 years now, but I’ve been in recovery for 2.5 years. This disease makes loving yourself very challenging. In return, the disease also makes it hard to be alone. I am tired of living the way I have for so long.

I’m ready to begin this new journey of getting a career and moving away from all I have ever known. I am ready to learn to do it alone. It’s going to be a struggle, but I’m going to do it. I am going to use this blog as a way to keep track of my struggles and hopefully find support from the blog community. In addition to blogging my story, I will also be posting a single post each day stating something that I am thankful for. I hope whoever finds this page will communicate with me and I hope you enjoy.


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